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Everyone has the right to cleanliness

Bases Clean reinforces the work-site expertise developed by WC Loc by providing cleaning services for your living quarters and on-site spaces. Improving working conditions represents a major challenge for businesses, and Bases Clean’s ambition is to allow for clean and welcoming rest spaces for the challenging trades of building and construction works.
A custom hygiene solution for work site living quarters.

Simple and effective, just like Mr Muscle

We’ve adopted a unique operating method for our cleaning and disinfection processes for living quarters on work sites, from waste picking to HEPA filtering, not forgetting the disinfection of your sanitary facilities, whilst leaving behind a pleasant smell thanks to the fragrance compounds that we use.
Our vehicles, which are autonomous in terms of water and electricity, allows us to deliver our surfaces in any circumstance.
As a local service, we provide our clients and employees with tools enabling quick and easy order processing, and a guarantee of intervention tracking.

Committed to ensuring the respect of labour laws and environmental regulations

Bases Clean helps you to provide your employees with clean and disinfected cloakrooms, refectories, and sanitary facilities in your bungalows, in compliance with the requirements of the French Labour Code.
Furthermore, here at Bases Clean, we want to ensure respect of the environment by using non-toxic products and limiting our carbon impact by pooling our interventions across various sites.
Our teams intervening on your site are trained in your safety rules, and they’re kitted out with PPE and adapted vehicles, to make sure that the cleaning of your on-site living quarters is completed to high standards in total safety.

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