Guaranteeing high-quality food wherever you are

For more than 20 years, MOOV&COOK, formerly trading under ModulKit, is a leading partner for catering professionals seeking temporary solutions whilst dealing with renovation works, damages, or construction. Schools, healthcare institutions, company canteens, caterers, and beach restaurants are just some of the businesses who have turned to MOOV&COOK for the installation of a fully-equipped temporary kitchen, compliant with all applicable standards, allowing them to create or continue with their catering activities.

Now you’re cooking, thanks to our exceptional quality and service

Here at MOOV&COOK, 12 experts in temporary kitchens are on-hand to meet all your needs for a temporary cooking solution. The aim is to provide you with a turnkey solution so that chefs can get back to serving their creations as soon as possible, Serving 50, 100 or even more than 1500 meals per service? MOOV&COOK can adapt to your requirements, thanks to its in-house design office, ensuring that your temporary units replicate your kitchens as accurately as possible.

Since 2015, MOOV&COOK has been awarded the Qualicuisines label, which is a prestigious reference for the installation and maintenance of professional cooking equipment.

Cooking is a social affair !

Based local to its clients, MOOV&COOK takes care of everything, serving up a catering solution that reflects them and their needs. Plus, we have a reactive After-Sales Support team on-hand throughout your project.

We’re not gate-keeping the recipe for success, we’re here to share it!

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