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About us

Founded in 2007 by Hervé Montagne, our independent business has become a reference name in BtoB rental.

Over the years, our drive to ensure client satisfaction through high-quality, turnkey solutions has led us to create additional brands in the field of hygiene; there’s an expert for every market, working together to deliver optimal results.

Our two main fields of business: Work sites and events. We also meet the needs of industrial and mass catering contexts.
Our support services are based in Englos, near Lille, with over 50 team members working to provide quick and effective support to our teams in the field.

Our Commitments

“I believe that, in order to ensure the continuous growth of the Group, we need to invest in protecting the company’s global environment. It’s time to take action. The future of Enygea Group must be built on respect for human rights and the environment. By developing LNG lorries, which run on natural gas, and composting stations, by increasing our vigilance relating to cleanliness and the well-being of our employees and clients, each of our companies accepts and takes on an essential mission: Making hygiene accessible for everyone, everywhere. ”

Driven by the convictions of our Chairman, Hervé Montagne, our Enygea Group is making firm commitments in regard to human rights, international labour, environmental, and anti-corruption standards, and it’s also renewing its participation in the UN Global Compact. . Enygea is thus aligning its growth drivers with its respect for out clients and our planet: Our Group is powering ahead with its development, both in France and internationally, with the expansion and evolution of its service offering.

Working together to create a sustainable world

Our aim: To offer each and every person access to hygiene, to contribute to eliminating discrimination, and to prevent and combat illness.

Certified environment and quality: ISO 9001 & 14001

For our clients and our employees alike, these certifications represent a guarantee of the company’s quality control and its commitments.

Member of the Global Compact

For 4 years now, our Group has been publicly committed to sustainability and the to the application of the 10 fundamental principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact.

An innovative eco-system designed for people, by people

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA. Listening to our clients’ expectations and requirements, and with the well-being of our teams as a priority, we implement a transparent and active policy both internally and externally, which allows us to continuously progress.

It is as part of this logic that, in July 2019, our support services moved into premises with multiple open-space and collaborative areas, promoting intrapreneurship, agile working, and innovation.

This is also why we take on the role of incubators, or rather mentors, supporting young businesses with the development of their companies: MadamePee, Toopi… They’ve benefited from our expertise, both in technical and operational terms.


Our history

The adventure began in 1992 with the creation of WC Loc, before Enygea Group was founded in 2007, with clear ambitions: International expansion, the acquisition and creation of new companies, and the affirmation of our social and environmental commitments.

Enygea brings together 9 brands which work day in and day out to ensure the well-being of your users.