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An exceptional portable sanitation experience for all your premium events

LooLoo is THE premium solution for your sanitary needs. Want to give your guests an experience that matches the quality and service level at your events? Discover an impressive sanitary space that combines elegance, innovation, and well-being.

LooLoo: A portable and autonomous solution for your events in France and across Europe.

LooLoo’s portability and its autonomy guarantee that you get a unique sanitary space for all your premium events in Europe. The LooLoo sanitary module is a technological concentrate that can easily be moved between different locations for your events. Its ultra-quick installation eliminates any logistics worries for you. Just 45 minutes about its arrival, LooLoo will be ready for use. Completely autonomous, we deliver you with a turnkey solutions, so you can enjoy your event with peace of mind. Each element has been designed and created to met your comfort requirements. All of the spaces within this high-end module are equipped with accessories and products that influence an atmosphere to provide you with well-being and cleanliness.

LooLoo: A service, equipment, and premium services

A team will be on-hand for you throughout the duration of the service, whether it’s in the early phases of your project planning or its execution. During your event, hygiene, hosting, and event management professionals will be at your sides to ensure that your event is a resounding success.

The set-up of LooLoo and its atmosphere will create a unique experience for your guests. We’ve thought of everything to create a warm ambiance, from the comforting lighting to the sleek design. The décor may be changed to your requirements and tastes, to make sure that our service aligns with the aesthetics of your event. Each detail will make a quick toilet break a memorable event for your guests.

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