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Temporary water supply connection solutions for a more sustainable world

Founded in 2020, our subsidiary Waterlab Services delivers drinking water supply, and the distribution, collection, and treatment of wastewater on your temporary site. Installation analysis, installation, treatment and traceability of consumed water. Our teams have control over everything from A to Z, and provide you with agile, eco-friendly solutions that respect users’ health, supporting you throughout your project.

Here at Waterlab Services, there’s an abundant flow of innovation!

“Water is a vital necessity for human life: This is why Waterlab Services attaches the utmost importance to the responsible treatment of this vital resource on your temporary sites. Our teams are both flexible and inventive, deploying sustainable solutions adapted to each project, across France and around the world.”
François Wolff, Managing Director of Waterlab Services

Waterlab : innovating for the planet

Dedicated to preserving human health and the environment, Waterlab has set itself the mission of facilitating access to hygiene through optimised management of water resources and reasonable use of sanitary products. Did you know that there are 800 million people living in rural areas without access to safe drinking water? This is the leading cause of illness and death in these populations, with a child mortality rate of 20%.

Faced with such devastating figures, Waterlab has decided to provide its expertise to event organisers, in the aim of finding the solution that will allow for safe water supplies on their site. Technical and dimensional surveys, technical material selection… Because each drop counts, using Waterlab’s services is a crystal-clear choice!

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