For high quality and safety standards

Enygea’s executive management attaches the utmost importance to the health and safety of the company’s employees. Financial and human investment is regularlydeployed, according to 3 priorities: The first is the working environment: From the vehicle to the warehouse, from the workshop to the office, we’re constantly seeking renewal and improvements; The second priority is occupational safety, with risk analyses, training, controls, and indicator tracking to optimally ensure employee safety. Last but not least: Well-being in the workplace, through listening, vigilance, and advice.

Employees have jobs dedicated to safety:

  • 1 member of the Executive Committee is in charge of safety (Director of Operations)
  • 1 preventative safety manager dedicated for the entire Group
  • 10 local safety relay points across France in our various branches (driver advisers,OHS advisers)
  • 1 Environmental Supervisor