06 Jun
Mise en place d’un Comité Impact
Rejoindre Enygea c'est faire partie d'un groupe en pleine croissance ! C'est participer à sa construction et à son développement en étant acteur de la progression économique, socia...
05 Mar
For a more eco-responsible approach
Enygea endeavours to reduce the environmental impact of its activities as far as possible by developing and distributing eco-friendly technologies.
05 Mar
For high quality and safety standards
Each day, our employees pour the best of themselves into their work. We’re committed to improving and showcasing our services on a daily basis, both for our clients and for our emp...
27 Feb
For optimal social performances
Joining Enygea means joining a group that is growing and thriving! It means getting involved in contributing to its growth and development, with an active role in the economic, soc...