Providing accessible hygiene for everyone, everywhere

As a leader in the temporary hygiene solution rental market, we have a duty to promote and facilitate access to hygiene for everyone around the world. As part of this duty, in 2018, we joined the DLR, which is the French national federation for distributors, lease companies, and repair forms for construction, public works, and manual handling equipment. Within this federation, we established the “Sanitary and mobile units” commission, chaired by Hervé Montagne.
For us, a national investment to facilitate access to sanitary facilities seemed essential, whether this access was for work sites, festivals, or in countries facing sanitation issues.

For a cleaner and fairer world

We set ourselves the mission have facilitating access to hygiene for everyone As disabled individuals are amongst the first to face accessibility issues,we created a sanitary range specific for them, and we conduct sponsorship initiatives to support healthcare research each year, with HAPPEE Services.

Gender equalityis also an important matter to us. So, we reached outto Madame Pee, for the design of a female urinal, which would simplify access to women’s toilets. On work sites, Bases Clean sets out to promote cleanliness in living spaces by offering its responsible cleaning service. Waterlab provides clean drinking water in any place.

Urgent Run Paris by WC Loc

2 in 3 people around the world do not have access to toilets. 1,000 children die each day from illnesses associated with a lack of toilet access. Faced with this alarming sanitary crisis, we decided to taken action.
We chose to become the main sponsor for the Urgent Run Paris charity race, led by WC Loc for a cause of great importance: Providing access to hygiene for everyone, everywhere!